Catering Menu

24 hour advance notice please

Buffet Style

Allow your guests to create their own tacos or burritos.
Generous portions of Chicken, Beef, Pork and sweet pork, white rice, black and pinto beans. Includes 6 of our freshly made salsas, cheese, sour cream and baja sauce.
Served with our fresh cooked flour and corn tortillas and chips.
Add lettuce and our homemade dressings to make salads.
Guacamole sold separate: ½ Pint-$5.99 1 Pint-$9.99

Ready Made Burritos

Small or Large burritos with your choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork, rice, your choice of beans, corn and cheese.
Served with our 6 freshly made salsas, sourcream and chips.
Small burritos $6.50/Person
Large burritos $8.50/Person

Enchilada Platters

Small (10 enchiladas serves 5-7 people)
Cheese $25.00/ Chicken, Beef, Pork $45.00
Large (20 enchiladas serves 10-12 people)
Cheese $40.00/ Chicken, Beef, Pork $65.00

Tray of Beans- Refried, Pinto or Black beans

$15.00 Serves 8-10
Tray of Rice
$15.00 Serves 8-10

Chips and Salsa

(Serves 20 people) $25.00
A selection of 4 salsas of your choice and chips.